Below The Cover Of Clouds

by (EchO)

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spawnofchaos Great melancholic and melodic album, with some fabulous dynamics. Settles into a groove regularly and explores it thoroughly - would highly recommned. Favorite track: Glimpses and Fear.
(Y)Our warmth Empty eyes stare into space, Those tears are still drying. I don't spare the sight of his suffering, His pain is also mine. There's more than this awfulness, Our only lead is this misery. It will not be the same, But it doesn’t mean. I will not miss your warmth, we don’t belong elsewhere. There's more than this awfulness, Our only lead is this misery. 
You're not alone, focus on that, It could become your only safety. The night is still dark, but you got no choice. I'm your last hope. You're still trembling, but now you're not so pale. The sun came up, faint heat on your hands. You're not alone
Glimpses and Fear I don't rest, my head is aching, the light hits my tired bones. I will stay here, in this corner, trying to figure out how to soothe this blue. I close my eyes, but those pictures, I can't get out of my mind. I will stay here, in this corner. You will always find me here, and you will find the remains of my soul. Keep me awake, facing my remorse through the night, facing my vanishing ìmage, through the day. Time will not destroy what my black heart and weak mind have created, and now there's no going back. Where the first day of spring is like the first day of fall. When the sun turns grey, you will wacth my pale face, and ask for forgivness. Through my bulging eyes I will stay sleepless. Becoming what i hated most in life. I pictured myself as what I will become in death.
Blind Snow Everything's so still tonight, too silent. Meanwhile, our end falls slowly. Couldn't believe my life would end. Didn’t see, didn’t see this coming. All I can see is a white sky. Everything is buried beneath this plague. I can't accept it. My own tears are frozen on my face, and they will never leave me. The wounds won't be healed, There will be only grief. My own beliefs are destroyed It was just very sudden, that's all. There's nothing else I can do. I can feel my blood is leaving me, I only ear my death throes. All I can see is a white sky, everthing is buried beneath this plague. No movement, no sound, only desolation. I can't accept it.
My Burden What I felt about me was right, the truth is I've always known. I've been looking for a way to be something else, but, you know, I never believed it. I saw nothing but grudge and anger and anger. There was no peace, no light, no light. Only darkness and pain, my hope is in the night. I want you to look at me. Can you see all these this scars? These are forgotten scourges, but they're still burning, it hurts. I'm not the only one to blame, the only one to pay price. There were so many things I didn't say, and I've wasted so much time. I started all this, I was blind to my faults. I had a choice, but I was weak. I turned over my burden to them, and I will never forgive myself. When everything else told me to surrender, I decided to change.
Awakening Look into my eyes,
the hatred instilled in our flesh has corrupted us.
 Anger freezes our minds, let us go to the undertow.
The fight is lost but don't blame yourself. 
We are all defeated. We're only bodies stacked up,
 searching for something that will not be reached.
Led by a faceless leader, with an army of slaves.
 Lured by everlasting hunger.
 In a triumph-scented purgatory,
 a nightmare of our own making.
 We're only bodies stacked up,
 searching for something that will not be reached. Nobody talks about it,
they turn a blind eye to all this, our ego holds us.
Meanwhile, our existence falls slowly,
 you will never keep me down. 
I have decided, I will take a long way. 
Come with me, and we won't be alone. Trust me, just one last time.
 Fate will be our own reward


The third album by the Italian band continues exploring dark fantasies of the talented musicians. Demonstrating significant progress and development, (EchO) created a mosaic canvas on a melodic death doom metal base filled with outstanding melodies and intersections with different styles, with a touch of psychedelia and a perfect combination of fragility and brutality (both in music and vocals). Carefully crafted arrangements ensured by the coherence and skills of the musicians are the unique feature of (EchO), that was perfected by Greg Chandler (Esoteric), who performed mixing and mastering in Priory Recording Studio.

BadMoodMan Music
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released September 13, 2019


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BadMoodMan Music Russian Federation

Division of Russian doom metal label - Solitude Productions

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